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Session A9 - 2012

1. Wedding Polkas
2. The Bellydancer
3. These Days
4. Lady Montgomery
5. Miller of Dron
6. Dig a Little Well for Zoe
7. The Birds Have Gone
8. Ridree
9. One for the Road

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One for the Road - 2010

Live album recorded at Eden Court Theatre, Inverness in February 2010. This recording captures their unbeatable, rich, rhythmic and riotous sound and features previously unrecorded material as an added bonus!

"All-star turbocharged, fiddle-powered... It's a glorious sound" - The Scotsman

"The perfect illustration of the septet's joyful swinging industry and physical togetherness" - The Sunday Herald

1. The Real Mackay Wedding/Struy Lodge/Trip to the Market
2. Trip to Austin/The Arm Breaker
3. One for the Road
4. Lady Montgomery's Reel/Mutt's Favourite/Up da Strouds the Sailor Goes
5. Kirstie's/Garry Porch
6. Paella Grande/No More Cages/The Dirty Bee
7. The Aird Ranters/Inshriach
8. Swallow's/Kary Hill/Garry Banjo
9. Alasdair's Tune
10. The Rizla/Trip to Dublin/Iain Macleod's
11. Celtic Thunder/Pressed for Time
12. Sporting Paddy/Hamis the Carpenter/Hull's reel/Road to Errogie

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Bottlenecks and Armbreakers - 2008

Long awaited second album from one of Scotland's finest groups.

"This is a ferocious collection" - Siobhan Long - The Irish Times

Also featured with the album is a specially created board game to play, called 'Get tae Wick'!

1. The Real Mackay Wedding - Struy Lodge - Trip To The Market
2. The Rabbit - Duncan The Gauger - Jig O' Beer
3. Kirstie's - Garry Porch
4. Running To Mull - Kent To Kintail
5. Fionn's
6. Trip To Austin - The Arm Breaker
7. Far Frae Hame - Cathal's Magic Fingers
8. Sporting Paddy - Hamish The Carpenter - Hull's - Road To Errogie
9. The Sleeping Tune
10. Paella Grande - No More Cages - The Dirty Bee

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What Road? - 2003

Debut Album from one of Scotland's finest Fiddle bands

"This debut album is a thoroughly crafted piece of work" - Sue Wilson, Sunday Herald

Originally formed by Charlie McKerron (Capercaillie) as an album project, Session A9 are now thrilling audiences throughout the UK as a top tunes band. Own a classic.

1. The Rizla
2. Leire's Welcome to Cozac - Fiona Macaskill of Breakish
3. Shady Grove
4. Gillian's Waltz
5. The Aird Ranters - Inshriach
6. Swallow's - Katy Hill - Garry Banjo
7. Sandy Ower Da Lea - Donegal Highland - Strathspey
8. Billy's New Box - Moll Roe - Farewell to Whalley Range
9. Alasdair's Tune
10. Soliloquy Waltz - Billy Shaw the Satellite King
11. Kaleb Watt of the Broch - Irish Reel - Greek Street
12. Skipping Barfit Through the Heather - Fiery Jock
13. Celtic Thunder - Pressed for Time


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